Men being interviewed after the All Hands Mens Meeting at Zion Covenant Church International, 1380 Mitchell Road, Aurora, IL

I discovered the wounds and destructive vows I have made with myself and how they shaped my core beliefs.
— Engaging, Heartfelt and Real
I received freedom from fear. fellowshipping with other men and having an open heart to hear God was freeing, and powerful!
— Freeing, Relaxing and Powerful
Go to a event and be transformed into a stronger man that has a better understanding of himself and his role the spiritual leader of his family.
— Vital, Humbling, Necessary
If you are ready for change the Real Mens’s Retreat will help jumpstart the process. God will work in ways you can’t imagine. Men will be placed in your path to walk with you for the rest of your life.
— Real, Raw, Resourceful
I now know that I am not alone . Other men struggle too !
Seeing men open up and share their struggles and victories created a transparent atmosphere. It was all good !
God connected a group of men that in any other circumstance wouldn’t have been in the same room, and knitted our hearts together in unity.
— Wow!