Coaching & Mentorship Overview

The following is a brief description of some of the services we offer. We believe that the quality of care and principles used in our program is what sets us apart from others. Our desire is to educate and provide resources that would help those men grow and mature in manhood. Our programs are designed to work the whole man concept. Body, Spirit and Soul must be in proper alignment to gain wholeness and accomplishment. Our packages were created with those things in mind.


commissioned men 1

This is the start where most clients begin. Commissioned is focused on revealing our purpose as men and how we were designed to fulfill that destiny. 

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warfare ready 2

Our weapons that we use our both spiritual and physical. Phase two is all about understanding the traps and scenario that play-out in our lives that keeps us attached to our situations.Once we understand the tactics and our vulnerabilities we create strategies that create victories. 

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finding balance  3

Balance is by far one of the toughest areas in anyones life. With intentional purpose and help it can be achieved. We have discovered how to create balance in our clients life by using comprehensive techniques that create growth that transform the lives of those who learn to master them.