The First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for me. I know that sounds weird but its true. Though I haven’t been in a class room in years this blog will be a teacher of sorts. I decided with much reservation to produce a blog for me to journal my thoughts and share what I have learned with those who might be interested. I have no specific agenda or goal other than using this as a forum to help others and create a large class room where we can all learn and grow together.

It appears that days are longer but time is less. Life can be so stressful to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. Most of us roll through our days without having much thought to the things around us. Today I am choosing to stop and be ! That may not be proper english but what I mean is to be intentional about at least today living a authentic life and not pretending everything is ok in my world. This is for all those who are struggling in silence with stress and depression. I see you…

The following are a couple of things I have begone to do that keeps me present.

1. Prayer :. I listed this first because when we pray it helps us keep our focus in the present. It should also remind us of our need for God and the dependence we should have on him. This shouldn’t be done in any particular way. If I tell you how and when then it becomes an item on the check off sheet instead of an act of love.

2. Meditation : I use to get tripped up on mediation, because I thought it was some new age thing. I often say that prayer is me talking to God and mediation is me listening. This can really look and take many forms. Mediation is a time were I can slow down all the exterior voices and distractions and find my inner voice and listen to what God may be saying through the things around me. To be clear this is when you refocus your compass. I find that when I combine a action and focused thinking that I can come to a place of calm a lot quicker.

Encouragement: Find a way to up lift others. I love this step because it’s never about you! maybe this week you can have a conversion with a coworker you’ve never spoke to. How about using thank you and please in our sentences. As we sow into others we often find a reaping in our own lives. The most valuable gift that can be given is your time. Putting these three tips into your routine will bring a present awareness and help to keep you in a place of being…