Intentionally Present

I felt it important that I make it clear what I DO for my life’s purpose. I am by design a sober coach to those who might have struggles with compulsive sexual harmful behaviors, Through mentoring and coaching and applying Biblical principles freedom can be gained. I make this statement because I do recognize that this is only one of the roles I play and it can not define my whole dimension. Knowing this will help all to understand why I will tackle certain subjects and adhere to certain beliefs.

This week of reflection and journaling has brought to my mind the evening I walked my dog and decided I would do it fully present as long as I could. At the end of my block there is a stop sign that is posted. As I looked up at the stop sign to just see all that was around me, I realized for the first time I hadn’t known the cross streets in my community. This is like a street that I should know. It amazed me for a couple of reasons one I have passed this sign for years, two it felt like a word from God because the name spoke to my spirt.

This week I have actively used the mindful exercise that requires we take time to be alone with ourselves without any distractions. What that looks like for me is no music, phone, TV, or books just me. I found that I was kinder to myself as I listened to the self talk babble. I also was reminded that as I encourage others to find themselves that this is the same journey I’m on. Strangely it felt peaceful to realized either I wasn’t alone or that I’m learning in the process. My purpose to be intentionally present was to gage were I am with the world around me. Let me conclude with this . I asked myself two questions this week :

1. who am I ?

2. What is it that I want?

Now I didn’t ask these questions to answer them right away but to examine them in relation to who I think I am , and what I think I want. If I may suggest this week try the 15 minutes of disconnection from all exterior sources and journal what you feel.